Dayor Agency

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Dayor is the Agency who are the first in the world in managing profiles, putting the empowerment of women entrepreneurs first. After years of studies and tests we have developed a strategy that allows you to maximize profits in the short and long term. You can truly change your future with Dayor.


We will take your account to the next level through our promotion, communication and content management strategies. We also manage all direct messages to subscribers for the purpose of creating long-term customer loyalty and monetization (24/7).


One of the fundamental factors in exponential growth are collaborations with other creators. We employ the skills of professional photographers, videographers to maximize the value of the content produced for our creators, acting as the liaison, so that all parties can grow.


We support our talent in more than just the management. We consult on the best practices for converting social media followers into subscribers, developing content ideas for monetization, and creating attainable goals to maximize profits.